DC announces 2 new Bat-books, ARKHAM MANOR and GOTHAM ACADEMY, by unlikely teams


Tweet  The Batverse is getting two ongoing spinoff series, according to EW. And not a mention of the “New 52″ in the pr….In Arkham Manor, Wayne Manor gets turned into…a home for the insane. Whch could just be Batman and Robin, but you get the point. CReative team is writer Gerry Duggan and artist Shawn […]

24 Hours of Webcomics: The Abominable Charles Christopher

The Abominable Charles Christopher

TweetThe Abominable Charles Christopher is one of those rare comics that I recommend to absolutely everyone regardless of their age, genre preferences or comic reading habits. It’s also one of the hardest comics to describe in a way that fully conveys the beauty and genius inside, as it is essentially the tale of a Yeti […]

Interview: Karl Kerschl is Abominable


For over four years Karl Kerschl has been writing and drawing his award-winning The Abominable Charles Christopher, releasing a new strip every Wednesday. I spoke to him about singlehandedly writing, drawing, printing, and distributing his weekly webcomic and got teasers about upcoming projects. Warning: there are spoilers of Charles in the interview. You can read the entire story for free on the Abominable site.