Frankenstorm Reading: Weathering the Evacuation Blues


On Sunday, I went out and got groceries from the already Walking Dead-like store with its empty shelves and zombie walkers and then I stashed everything that could be blown around outside my house, causing damage. Then I settled in for some 30 Rock on demand and snatched some Halloween candy from the pile, getting […]

Warren Ellis and Mike Oeming collaborate on new project: HALF MOON


Over at Warren Ellis’s blog, a preview of HALF MOON, a new collaboration with Michael Avon Oeming that will feature a space girl:

Nice art: Takio by Bendis and Oeming


TAKIO is definitely something different from Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming: a kids’ story. Set in a family where two squabbling sisters learn to come together after an accident gives them superpowers. Released through Marvel’s creator-owned imprint, Icon, TAKIO is also unusual in that it’s being put out in a done-in-one graphic novel format. The […]

Nice Art: Takio by Brian Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming


Who doesn’t like some Bendis, Bendis, Oeming? iFanboy has a preview of Takio, the new all-ages Icon book: