Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 9/23/13: Everyone everywhere


§ The National Book Festival was this weekend, with several comics guests, some sponsored by SPX. YOu can probalby find out everything you want from mining the Twitter hashtag. But the Washington Post had a bunch of articles, including Lynda Barry’s The 20 stages of reading, which I tragically cannot embed. § It was also […]

Miami Book Fair International features Paul Pope poster


No one is quite sure how the Miami Book Fair International—held in a city known for its wild and crazy lifestyle—got to be the biggest book festival in the US, but…it’s true and probably has something to do with the tireless and hard-working staff that puts the event together, and the great authors who show […]

EXCLUSIVE: 2013 New York Comic Con Programming: Thursday October 10


New York Comic Con has just released its panels and screenings schedule. But as in past year’s, it is presented in a database format that is…not easy to navigate. Once again, thanks to our pals at NYCC, we’re able to present a text only version you can read and peruse all in one place. Please […]

News ‘n’ notes: Bendis teaches, how to exhibit at SPX, and more


§ SPX is coming and cartoonist Sara McH. offers sensible advice for exhibiting, like how to tally your sales, keeping dinner groups manageable, and leaving the crappy stuff people gave you behind in the hotel room. § Professor Bendis will see you now: Brian Michael Bendis, who formerly taught a class on comics at Portland […]

Dan DiDio’s late night Batwoman and Breaking Bad truth bombs


As the mainstream media continued to make hay over Batwoman’s banned wedding, DC’s co publisher Dan DiDio took to twitter last night to give his side of things. If you’ve ever been to a DiDio-led DC Nation panel you’ll recognize his brand of brisk confidence and moving on. Probably the most telling tweet—and the one […]

Diamond Sales: Marvel tops August in 4-week month


Marvel was the winner again in August according to today’s just released figures from Diamond. Infinity #1 was the top comics and Marvel meat DC in both units and dollars. Comparative figures were WAY down, however august was a four week month as compared to both August 2012 and July 2013 which were five week […]

Should we even try to give indie comics a wider cultural context?


This is the golden era of indie comic, artistically and even financially, at least in term of the number of publishers, CAFs and cartoonists who wake up every day excited to be cartooning. It’s a movement that is aesthetically and formally as exciting as anything else going on out there.

All of which makes the Jason Karns Kerfuffle all the more unusual.

Chuck Forsman’s TEOTFW being adapted into video series in the UK


I don’t know why this news hasn’t been picked up at every entertainment blog everywhere. A comic book has been optioned for a live action “tv” show. Actually not just optioned: THE SHOW IS IN PRODUCTION! And PHOTOS OF THE STARS ARE ONLINE. Granted, there are a few quirks that make this news somehow less […]

First Second announces Winter 2014 line-up


First Second released some news about their Winter 2013-14 titles, including paperback editions for Sailor Twain and Baby’s in Black, and some new books as well, including a new book by the very Talented Danica Novgorodoff, whom we haven’t heard from in a while. Here’s the line-up: The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza, by James […]

iFanboy joins the 2013 comics media disruption


As you probably heard over the holiday, iFanboy is packing in its “day to day” operations, which seemed like a euphemistic way of saying they won’t be running a costly and unprofitable daily website any more. 2013 has been a reality check for several “blogs” — a few months ago Newsarama quietly ended its blog, […]

The week in review: No one did anything they didn’t want to


Now that the outrage-o-tron has moved from torture to movie casting, here is a round-up of reactions to the “Torture Cover” post the other day. Actually I don’t even need to write anything, as the Outhouse already summed it up with CROSSED TORTURE VARIANT CONTROVERSY SPARKS SURPRISINGLY CIVIL DEBATE ON INTERNET. It’s true. No one was blackballed, castigated or petitioned. The effects and provenance of disturbing material were widely debated, but it was generally decided by everyone involved that those who like it can like it, those who want to throw up can move right over to the toilet.

The history of how Ben Affleck destroyed the world became Batman


When did this Ben Affleck Batman tragedy begin? Alex Zalben has a pretty good timeline of Affleck’s interaction with superhero roles here but it leaves out a few things, such as Affleck’s breakout role as “Holden” the aspiring comics artist in Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy.

Autoptic and the costs of comic cons and CAFs


Autoptic is new indie arts festival with a comics component (or a CAF, as I like to call them, or comic art festival) that was held last weekend in Minneapolis. (It has a groovy tumblr here.) It was by all account splendid, but the account that matters the most to us is as always the […]

Nearly 50% of the comic book market consists of variant covers


Although this is the best time in recent comics history for sales and quality, the current sales success doesn’t come without an asterisk: the huge number of variants that almost every publisher is pumping out. Industry observer Johanna Draper Carlson does some math and concludes “Variant Covers Are Propping Up the Comic Market”. A look […]

Congratulations to Leela Corman and Tom Hart


I am certain that all of the world of comics will join me in congratulating Tom Hart and Leela Corman on the birth of their daughter Molly Rose Corman-Hart on August 18th. In addition to being a cartoonist (Hutch Owen, Daddy Lightning), Hart is founder of the Sequential Arts Workshop—or SAW—in Gainesville, Fla., which offers […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/13/2013: Congrats Paul and Susi!


§ First off a big congrats to the Beat’s Marvel Sales Chart champ Paul O’Brien as he and wife Susi welcomed little Andrew into the world last week. Word is that the new issue is already racing up the charts.