NYCC13: New York Super Week: Tickets On Sale Now!


Yes, it’s still August.  There are a few days left until Labor Day ends another Summer of Fun! So that means it’s time for the Fall Season of (unofficial) comic cons! Hey!  New York Comic Con is in October!  I wonder what’s up at their site? Lots of guests being announced. MAJOR guests! Oh, and […]

The Beat Podcasts! More To Come: A New Con for New York Conflicts with Two Existing Cons


Straight from the offices of Publishers Weekly, it’s More to Come! Your podcast source of comics news and discussion starring The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald. In this week’s podcast the More to Come Crew – Heidi “The Beat” MacDonald, Calvin Reid and Kate Fitzsimons – discuss Special Edition, the new New York comics-only show from […]

So ReedPOP Is Starting A New Show in NYC: What Could It Mean For Comics?


Heidi has the reporting on ReedPOP’s new “Special Edition: New York City” show next June, where a small comics show will be held in the North Hall of the Javits convention center. But then a Facebook friend, who is also a comics professional, posted about the show, and it got me thinking about what might […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Chunks, 11/26/12: Welcome back to the office from butts to Stan Lynde


First off the holiday is face-to-ass, with Mark Sanchez and Brandon Moore and Spider-Man and Uncle Sam as captured by Marvel CCO Joe Quesada. One is amusing, one tragic…you decide which is which.

New York Comic Con more about comics than you thought


With some perspective from really only following the show via the internet, this year’s New York Comic Con seems to have been another huge, hectic success. While crowding seems to have been an issue yet again, despite show promotion that featured media guests over comics, comics publishing announcements dominated the news cycle. In fact, NYCC […]

NYCC 2012 in Tweets and Instagram


Although we had to leave NYCC early because of some personal issues, it wasn’t too hard to follow along with from home! Here’s a brief recap via Twitter and Instagram of the last five days; it was the kind of show where Juanjo Guarnido, award winning artist of the Blacksad franchise, shows up and people take a while to catch on. Despite all the complaints over the emphasis on showbiz stuff, this year’s comics news dominated the show…and twitter.

NYCC 12 Day 1: from Catalyst to Dubstep


This day started at 7 am, for a 7:45 arrival at the Javits Center. Was I insane? No, just dedicated. Diamond Books had arranged a meeting with publishers to discuss trade journal review procedures. Myself, and Henrietta Thornton and Martha Cornog from Library Journal were on hand to school representatives of Archaia, Image, Dark Horse […]

First Look: New York Comic Con 2012 Pre-Show and the breastfeeding-mobile


Beat Pal Paul Nomad has been roaming around the still-forming NYCC show floor, and took a lot of pictures. There’s a Saga car. Who wouldn’t want a car with a winged woman breastfeeding on the hood?

The absolute COOLEST swag at NYCC: Paul Pope messenger bag for The Project Solution


Have you ever wish you could be stylish AND help save the world all at the same time? If only such a thing was possible, you thought. And if only I could do it at New York Comic Con. Well, now you can. The Project Solution, the non-profit organization headed by Joe Gonzalez (known to […]

New York Comic-Con 2012 tickets go on sale in 15 minutes


New York Comic Con is rapidly developing into a delirious East Coast roughhouse fan slam of a pop culture scrum — so let’s see how they handle ticket sales. For everyone serious about going to the gym AND getting a head start on their 2012, 4-day NYCC tickets go on-sale TODAY at noon EST. A four-day pass is $85 — a price which holds until 10/8, when it goes up to $100.

The PR release makes note of a couple of things — there will be more programming on Thursday. Everyone noted that the “pro” panels were pretty thin that day so maybe those will be increased. The show floor is also opening earlier on Thursday — 3 pm to 9 pm.

New York Comic Con goes to four days


ReedPop has just announced that this year’s New York Comic-Con is expanding to four days. The show will run from October 13-16, with Thursday a day for academic programming, beginning at noon, and a “Preview Night” running from 4-7. Only 10,000 tickets will be sold for all four days — nearly 100,000 people attended the 2010 show, according to show runner Lance Fensterman.

ICv2 Digital & Comics Conference Audio: Creativity and Digital


This is easily one of the most interesting panels I have ever participated in.

ICv2 Comics & Digital Conference Audio: Where we are and where we're going


Another audio file of the first panel at the ICv2 digital comics conference. This one brought together almost all of the emerging industry’s major players for a fascinating conversation. As opposed to previous panels where there seemed to be questions over whether this was even a viable business model, these are smart people doing smart business moves in a dynamic art form. This is where we’re going.

NYCC 10: Soulcraft Comics #457


Inaki Miranda’s amazing work on TRIBES has gotten a lot of attention, and he’ll be at the show. details below. The creators of the widescreen sci-fi epic TRIBES: The Dog Years, both writer Michael Geszel and all the way from Spain, artist Inaki Miranda, will be signing at the IDW Booth #2115 Saturday 10/9 from […]

NYCC 10: Indie Spinner Rack #425


Podcast favorite Indie Spinner Rack (Booth #425) will have the Awesome Anthologies and more but also  a wide array of indie talent whom will  be signing, selling their books and sketches as well. PLUS the big Rock Comic-Con party on Saturday night.

NYCC 10: Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo and Curt Schilling


It is worth running this press release jut to run this graphic. Events include a signing at the NY Toys ‘r’ Us at 7 pm on Friday.