The Retailer’s View: On Art, Business, and Brian Wood

sketch by Greg Smallwood

Tweetby Brandon Schatz A few weeks ago, Marvel’s August solicitations revealed some alarming news: Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey would be leaving Moon Knight after a short run of six issues. For those who have followed Ellis over the past few years, this does not come as a big surprise. Ellis has been keeping his […]

The Retailer’s View: On Those Fantastic Four Rumours

Seems legit

TweetBy Brandon Schatz Normally I abhor rumours, especially when I know my Wednesday will be nothing but addressing half-truths and lies that some over-glorified click bait magnate has inflated to preposterous extremes – but, lies will fly around the world in the time that it takes for the truth to get its pants on, so […]

Free Comic Book Day: What’s Happening Near You?


TweetOn top of all those free comics you can get your filthy little unwashed mitts on tomorrow, comics creators will be swarming comic shops worldwide in order to sign, sketch, smile and hug their way through the entire comic book fandom on Earth. Also, you never know if Wolverine or The Punisher will show up. […]