The Kirkman/Bendis debates revisited: who's winning now?


Revisiting the debate over whether the Image model is as viable as the company model for creators to make a living.

Kirkman, Millar, and Niles gab about the creator-owned world


CBR has a nice roundtable on creator-owned comics that rounds up Robert Kirkman, Mark Millar, and Steve Niles. Since they are all “strongly for” the piece doesn’t really ignite any banter, but it does allow many long, entertaining manifestos. For instance, how Millar terrorized Alan Moore when he was a teen.

THE WALKING DEAD TV show's Michonne revealed


EW has rolled out the first photo of Danai Gurira as Michonne, the sword-wielding zombie slicer from Robert Kirkman’s THE WALKING DEAD TV series.

Robert Kirkman responds to Moore lawsuit


Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has fired back at former collaborator Tony Moore, who is suing him for fraud. IN a statement released via his lawyer, Kirkman stated:

The Week In Creative Differences: John Rozum and Rob Liefeld


In comics, were one privy to what goes on in the editorial suite, you could probably do “The Hour In Creative Differences,” not “The Week.” That said, there have been a couple cases of creative differences that have bubbled to the surface in the last week or so: the circumstances of how John Rozum came to leave Static Shock and the demise of The Infinite from Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld.

Robert Kirkman faces The View


Robert Kirkman proved just how strong his will and courage are yesterday when he survived an appearance on The View — not just any appearance, but one where the hostesses were all in their Halloween costumes, including Sherri Shepherd dressed as Frankenstein’s Flava and Elisabeth Hasselbeck as…a pregnant wicker basket full of maple candy? What was that. Proving that he has the poise for the big time, Kirkman not only did not burst into screams — or laughter — but patiently answered all the biddies’ nosy questions about where zombies come from, how they live, what they eat (rugula, maybe?), and whether the zombies are seeing anyone right now and if not how are they going to settle down?

Robert Kirkman is on The View today


We made it people. Finally, a comic book person has made The View. Robert Kirkman will appear on today’s Halloween-themed edition of the popular coffee-klatsch chat fest.

Kirkman and Liefeld team for THE INFINITE


Besties Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld will team on a new SFish book called THE INFINITE for Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image, USA Today reports.

Comics Industry Person of the Year: Robert Kirkman


This year in addition to our usual questions for the Year-End Survey – sent to a mix of creators, publishers, journalists and marketing personal—we added a new category: Person of the Year, the person who, we we put it, was “the most important person, someone who had an impact, someone who set the pace, or had a banner year.” We were very curious to see what kind of responses this question would get – while a lot of people are doing some of the best work of their careers, or emerging as critical favorites, it was a very mixed year business-wise and we were wondering who would be seen as the most visionary and decisive person.

Well, we needn’t have worried that this would be a hard question to answer.

The Walking Dead shambles to another season, setting ratings records


This is either a zombie renaissance, or a comic book renaissance for TV, as The Walking Dead has officially been greenlit for a second season or a whole 13 episodes after record ratings. As the President of AMC put it:

“No other cable series has ever attracted as many Adults 18-49 as ‘The Walking Dead.

That’s called making an impact. The second episode, which aired last night, w as down only a tick from the premiere’s record breaking ratings.

Congrats once again to Robert Kirkman and company. PR below.

Walking Dead was a hit!


The Walking Dead premiere last night was the highest rated cable series premiere of 2010, and its highest rating EVER on AMC for an original series, Deadline reports. The premiere drew 5.3 million total viewers, and the second showing increased the total audience to 8.1 million. “It’s a good day to be dead,” said AMC […]