INTERVIEW: R.M. Peaslee and R.G. Weiner Deconstruct Spider-Man in WEB-SPINNING HEROICS


Spider-Man is hands down one of the most popular characters ever to leap from the pages of Marvel Comics, and is even a strong contender for one of the most popular comic characters produced by any comics publisher. He’s also displayed a particular trademark flexibility in successfully taking to the silver screen and flourishing through […]

And the Award for Longest Period of Foreshadowing Goes To..

history eraser

DAN SLOTT! Way back in 1993, circa January, Dan Slott was a journeyman comics writer, toiling away writing stories about Marlin T. Höek and Stimpson J. Cat.  While the meddlesome meddling of the corporate overlords of Nickelodeon eventually convinced Mr. Slott to explore creative opportunities elsewhere (writing a character with long green hair, for example), he […]

Steve Ditko talks at last…sorta


Via Midtown Comics, A recent letter from Steve Ditko. A recent letter from Steve Ditko to one of our customers. He asked Steve what he remembered about designing Spidey’s costume. #ditko #spiderman (at Midtown Comics) 50 years is a long time…and Stan Lee doesn’t remember anything either. The intensely private Ditko has long refused to […]

FIRST LOOK: Amazing Spider-Man #700 by Jen van Meter and Stephanie Buscema


While the main storyline sounds exciting enough, so do the backups and Marvel has provided the Beat with an exclusive peek at the van Meter/Buscema tale. It’s always a good time when the Black Cat shows up, and even better when it looks this great.

Marvel announce Alpha Miniseries for February


Confounding those who thought they knew what the identity of the Superior Spider-Man would be, Marvel have announced that top candidate Alpha will be starring instead in his own miniseries next year.

NYCC: A Final Marvel & DC Cover Parade


The last day of New York Comic-Con was a day of relative peace and tranquillity, unless you were Dan Slott in which case it was a day of  being chased by an angry mob whilst cackling like Machiavelli. It’s the day when people settle down, explore the booths which haven’t sold out, get their final sketches and […]

Marvel Reveal Jonathan Hickman's Avengers Lineup


By Steve Morris Via that very best of methods: the Dustin Weaver giganti-cover. The covers for issues 1-3 of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers relaunch have been revealed by Marvel today, establishing that more X-Men have moved over to Cap’s Crew. While there are no surprises about which members of the Avengers movie cast made it into […]

Fan Expo 2012: DC and Marvel Roundup


By Steve Morris Fan Expo Canada unfolded across this weekend, bringing all sorts of unwashed comic creators to Toronto. And with them came all sorts of pictures and words which, when assembled into coherent form, will result in exciting and surprising announcements for us all to digest, before experiencing a series of hot sweats. Read […]

Spider-Man's new… Spide-Kick


Marvel have revealed that issue #692 of Amazing Spider-Man will bring ‘Alpha’ to the World. But what is Alpha?

San Diego Teasers: Marvel Promise War


In the run-up to San Diego 2012, Marvel have released two teasers for an upcoming story called ‘War’



In which Peter Parker and Miles Morales have a bit of a meet-up.

Columbia announces official title, The Amazing Spider-Man, and releases first webslinger pic


Columbia has just released the FIRST official picture of Andrew Garfield in full, mask-on Spidey-garb and revealed that the next Spider-Man movie will be called THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. A fine title. Directed by Marc Webb from a script by James Vanderbilt, Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves, the film will be released July 3, 2012.

Firstish looks: Spider-Man in action; possible X-Men First Class


A few set photos floating around this afternoon are of interest for various reasons. ¶ A fan on the street snapped a shot of a Spider-Man action scene underway in LA. Can you see what is wrong with this picture? ANSWER: IT IS BEING SHOT IN LA. Feh. Faw. Their Spring Street is not like […]

New Spider-Man will have mechanical webshooters


Poor Emma Stone. As lovely and charming as she is, she did not know that by answering some nerdy question on the red carpet she was stepping into a hotbed of fannish research. While everyone went all Zapruder inspecting the bulges on Andrew Garfield’s wrists in the recently released look at him in Spider-garb, she innocently answered the burning question:

Spider-Man musical delayed again


It has become legend.

The reason this time? Well as Steven Bunche and many others have pointed out, the musical still lacks an ending. Git ‘er done! Producers announced the show will be delayed until March 15 (pushed back from February 7) and several performances have been canceled between now and then to allow more time to fine-tine the technical aspects of the show — which is the most complex ever brought to Broadway — and to work on the ending, and allow Bono and The Edge to work on the unpopular score.

Firstish look: Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man UPDATE


He’s done launching social networks, and has moved on to climbing walls. The first photo of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man has been released; he definitely has a full head of hair. Romita-sense…tingling! UPDATE: Sheesh, when this image first appeared, we were going to do a jokey image analysis with breakouts and enhanced detail, but ran […]