King Kong is banging on the Spider-Man musical’s door


Will the saga of Spider-Man The Musical ever end—or at least break even?? A piece on how a proposed King Kong musical is eyeing Spider-Man’s theater reveals some of the numbers behind Spidey’s fabled, tangled past. Lawsuits have been settled and injuries abated—the show even set a record for the biggest one-week take ever on […]

Did the Spider-Man musical humble Bono?


A newly family-friendly and sense-making version of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark opens on Broadway tomorrow, and its faithful Boswell, Patrick Healy, has the new storyline for the creators. The new version of of the show, as rejiggered by director Philip William McKinley and writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa includes MORE Green Goblin, MORE Mary Jane, Uncle Ben and Aunt May, FIVE MORE flying sequences, MORE songs, and LESS Arachne.

The experience seems to have been an unusually humbling one for the normally egotistic Bono, who co-wrote the songs and shared the blame when it went far off the rails.