MEGA-INTERVIEW: Cliff Galbraith on the Meteoric Rise of the Asbury Park Comicon


If you’ve been following the history of the Asbury Park Comicon, which opened only a year ago in March of 2012, you know it’s been a strange, yet rather astonishing ride, but imagine how much stranger it must be for founder and indie comics creator Cliff Galbraith. What started in a bowling alley turned music […]

FIRST LOOK: Amazing Spider-Man #700 by Jen van Meter and Stephanie Buscema


While the main storyline sounds exciting enough, so do the backups and Marvel has provided the Beat with an exclusive peek at the van Meter/Buscema tale. It’s always a good time when the Black Cat shows up, and even better when it looks this great.

31 Days of Halloween: Stephanie Buscema


Stephanie Buscema is the Crown Princess of Halloween. Her Cute Ghouls are just one reason why. Click around her site and you’ll soon realize no one does the cute and the spooky better.

Seasons Greeting: Stephanie Buscema


Talented Stephanie Buscema shares her holiday art with us. Yes, she comes from an artistic family — her grandfather is the legendary John Buscema.