Center for Cartoon Studies stars in “The ‘Junc?”


And speaking of the Center for cartoon studies, perusing their front page there’s some unbelievably exciting news on a variety of fronts, including news that Jon Chad has been accepted into the US astronaut program, and news of the CCS kickboxing team triumphing over Dartmouth. What caught our eye was the news that after vewing the CCs movie, a producer thinks White River Junction would be a great setting for a reality tv series. The ‘Junc?

24 Hours of Women Cartoonists: Cynthia Martin


Cynthia “Cindy” Martin worked in mainstream comics at the very WORST time to be female in mainstream comics — the 80s and 90s — despite this, she racked up a solid run on Marvel’s STAR WARS that’s considered some of the definitive comics work on the title. She also drew Wonder Woman and Spider-man. In recent year’s she been illustrating a number of non fictionYA graphic novels for Capstone. She’s also been made an honorary member of the 501st Legion—the Stormtrooper cosplay organization.

Recap: Strip Search vs The Ultimate Fighter


As I tweeted the other day,. I am now definitely HOOKED ON STRIP SEARCH, the Penny Arcade produced reality show about cartoonists. We’ve now seen the first challenge and the first elimination (both above) and in case you are wondering THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

Finally the reality show about cartoonists: Strip Search


STRIP SEARCH, the reality show about a house full of cartoonists competing for $15K and a year of “being embedded” at Penny Arcade, debuted earlier this week. You can watch the first episode above and the second episode is now up as well. The show is produced by the Penny Arcade crew, with Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins as judges. (They ran a half million dollar Kickstarter to fund the show last year) 12 cartoonists — six male, six female, are flown to a house in Seattle to compete for the prize, in the classic format. The 12, chosen from a thousand entrants, are mostly webcomickers, but more on that in a bit.

It’s “Clear” why people love The Walking Dead so much


Just why is The Walking Dead the most popular cable show of all time? It’s gory, unrelentingly grim and even the most likable characters act out of brutal self-preservation. There are no feel good moments, only increasingly distant memories of what it was like to feel good. (When a Tom Waits song, which closed last week’s episode, qualifies as a gentle lullaby, you know things have gotten tough.) I guess all of this explains why it’s a guilty pleasure: soap opera with the threat of a horrific death at any given moment.

Walking Dead kills it again with record-setting 3.5 season premiere


AMC’s The Walking Dead continues to be an unstoppable ratings juggernaut — last night’s premiere of season 3.5 debuted with even higher ratings than the full season premiere in October:

Watch nerdlebrities spill it all on PBS Superheroes documentary


In case you missed last night’s PBS documentary on Superheroes, you can watch it above—or at this link if the embed isn’t working. The program includes Wizard World all-star festival of folks like Lou Ferrigno, Burt Ward, Adam West and Lynda Carter talking about playing superheroes. They are all veteran charmers, and when we have a spare 53 minutes, we plan on watching the whole thing. A supporting webpage has background and stills—such as the above one of Julie Newmar as Catwoman—and some extra videos.

The Sixth Gun getting a pilot at NBC


Pilot season is upon us in Hollywood, and Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s acclaimed THE SIXTH GUN has gotten a pilot order at NBC with Carlton Cuse (Lost) on board to produce.

New Walking Dead producer Scott Gimple has comics cred


Following almost as much life-or-death drama behind the scenes as in the zombie-haunted woods of Georgia, The Walking Dead has named a new show runner, Scott Gimple, who takes over with season four from Glen Mazzara, who departed under strained circumstance sat the end of last month. Gimple served as Mazarra’s #2 guy for most of the last season, so he’s already been in the mix.

What the women of Big Bang Theory found in the comics shop


We didn’t watch last night’s hilarious “Women go to a comics shop” episode of Big Bang Theory, but Scott Johnson did so we wouldn’t have to and the results sound quite ghastly:

Big Brother for web cartoonists: Penny Arcade’s Strip Search

strip search

As one of the fruits of their huge Kickstarter campaign, the Penny Arcade folks have made Strip Search! which may finally be the comics competition TV show people have been expecting/dreading for a while. While the above link is a bit light on details, basically a bunch of webcomickers are thrown into a Seattle house and compete to draw the best comics. The contestants:

Walking Dead Season 3.5 preview clips released


Spoilers, I said, spoilers! As you may recall, in the last episode of the first half of the Walking Dead’s third season ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE™ © and the Governor looked to be ready to launch some kind of retaliation as Rick and his crew battened down for bloodshed. Here’s a peek at some of […]

Comic Book Men: are they all still men?


The arrival of this Comic Book Men recap reminded us of something from long long ago and the time known as 2011. Back when the show was announced, there was much complaining that a show called Comic Book Men did not reflect the actual world that we live in, where almost every comics shop has […]

SNL spoofs Hawkeye’s small quiver


This weekend’s Saturday Night Live featured guest host Jeremy Renner who was all too happy to reprise his role as Hawkeye in a very amusing AVENGERS spoof that also featured Jason Sudeikis as Iron Man, Bill Hader as Thor, Bobby Moynihan as the Hulk, Taran Killam as Captain America, Kate McKinnon as a dead-on Black […]

Wonder Woman back in development for TV


Warners hasn’t given up on getting Wonder Woman on the small screen, Vulture reports and it seems that this time they are taking a radically innovative approach: letting a writer who actually knows and likes the character take a crack at crafting an origin story that sticks with what people like about the character. Crazy […]

Whedon-driven SHIELD pilot a go at ABC


Showing that they were anxious to pass the Hollywood IQ test about spinning off a popular movie into a TV show run by an experienced TV vet who also directed the popular movie, ABC has ordered a pilot for a SHIELD TV show, to be guided by AVENGERS director Joss Whedon, Deadline reports. Whedon will co-write the pilot along with brother Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen (who is Jed’s wife). This is the trio responsible for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and other Whedon-verse projects, so get ready to start that letter writing campaign right now.