Retailer Brian Hibbs quits ComicPRO, but it wasn’t over DC Villains allocation


In a comment on his post regarding DC’s allocation of their Villains month promotion, veteran retailer Brian Hibbs mentioned that he had quit the retailer organization, ComicsPRO. I’ve, uh, decided to stop my membership with ComicsPRO because of the reactions of the Board to recent DC moves. I may or may not go to this […]

Fun Home called ‘Pornographic’ in South Carolina


A South Carolina watchdog group has criticized the College of Charleston (CofC) in Charleston, South Carolina for choosing Alison Bechdel’s award-winning FUN HOME as recommended reading for freshmen. The book was chosen as a book for freshmen to read before orientation as a sort of college “ice breaker” but the Palmetto Family Council has labeled […]

Bibbles ‘n’ Kits, 7/9/13: My #1 Most Important Tip For Comic-Con


The kibbles have gotten totally out of hand. § First off, I had this site bookmarked for a while: Work Made For Hire, clearing house of information on contracts, negotiation and much more stuff ALL freelancers and employers should have in mind. Perhaps it would pique your interest to see a story called Ghost Rider […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 7/2/2013: The Hobbit’s kitchen of corpses


§ By now you must have seen Tom Spurgeon’s incredible obituary for Kim Thompson. It’s history not only of a man but a company, a legacy, and much more. As has been noted, most of Fantagraphics’ European comics are on hold because of Thompson’s passing. So few people are irreplaceable, but Kim was. § Spurgeon […]

SDCC ’13: Comixology, the Hero Initiative, Palmiotti, Conner and pals make a giant comic book page


Okay we told you ComiXology has a lot of stuff going on at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Not only are they co-sponsoring the Eisners and teaming with the CBLDF, they are also putting on a two hour event called “The Blank Page Project” which will benefit The Hero Initiative. Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner […]

The week in women: do we write about gender issues too much?


I had about 20 posts in various stages on gender issues this week…let’s put them all into one big roil, complete with shocking personal confessions: § Villain Month is for boys: When the New 52 rolled out two years ago (!?!) it was pointed out that there was a lone female creator: inker Sandra Hope. […]

Kibbles & Bits, 6/3/2013: Denver Comic Con draws 48,000


§ While our own Hannah Means Sherman had full coverage of the Denver Comic Con, the Denver Post covers the biggest headline of all: a huge crowd of more than 48,000 people: About 6,000 fans waiting in line for hours to get into Denver Comic Con on Friday were turned away by order of the […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 5/22/2013: 101s galore


¶ In a review of Donald Duck; The Old Castle’s Secret, K.C. Carlson explains a bit about why the work of Carl Barks has such staying power: I’ve read this story before, so I’m not surprised that I recall some things about it. But I’m remembering everything exactly as I read it before — not […]

5 Recent Graphic Novels You Don’t Want to Miss


These graphic novels have been chosen because they were all released in the past 6 months and equally combine qualities of well-crafted concepts and remarkable artwork to create solid visual narratives. They aren’t the only great graphic novels that have been released in recent months, but they are notable, and worth considering as near-misses if […]

Two good people who need lots of positive thoughts


As if everything crazy going on in the last hell week wasn’t enough, life keeps kicking the ass of good people. All time nice guy, Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai writes that his wife Sharon is in the ICU with a serious illness…please send them good thoughts. Sharon and Stan are both the nicest, kindest […]

RIP: Robert Morales


Wow. I am stunned and heartbroken. SF legend Samuel Delany has just written the following on Facebook: Robert Morales was one of my closest friends–and had been since he was seventeen year old. He died at his home in Brooklyn this morning, leaving his father and mother. He was fifty-four. We spoke on the phone […]

When the internet shuts down: UGO and Posterous


Although everything seems to be forever on the internet, it really isn’t. It’s oh so fragile, and the prime time of your life can be crossed out by one CEO’s pen swipe.

San Diego Comic-Con Badge-o-ween 2013: the virtual lottery


Everyone hit go, complain, spinning wheel, white room, waiting list, unfair, people got in ahead of me, don’t refresh!, crying, spinning wheel, oh god you hit refresh no why oh god no, why isn’t there a lottery, Comic-Con sucks, hooray this is going to be the best week of my life, etc etc etc.

Top Cow offers free previews through iVerse


Top Cow is teaming up with iVerse for a Launch Try ‘em before you Buy ‘em Program for Artifacts, Witchblade and the Darkness. For a limited time you can download the jumping on points for these long-running series. “We’re thrilled to help spread the word on these exciting series,” said iVerse CEO Mike Murphey in […]

Superheroes top costumes for Halloween


The Avengers, and Honey Boo Boo are topping this year’s Halloween costumes popularity chart, say retailers, with sales generally up this year. At Spirit Halloween in Pensacola, Manager Susan Spencer said bestselling adult costumes, meaning 15 or more sold, include superhero characters from such 2012 hits as The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, as […]

SDCC12: Image/Top Cow Exclusives #2729 / #2629


Image, Skybound, and Top Cow announce their CCI exclusives! Get there early for The Walking Dead hardcover!