REVIEW: TIME WARP #1, Putting the Vertigo in Sci-Fi


TweetPublishers seem increasingly willing to roll the dice on anthology formats recently. Maybe it’s the success of things like Dark Horse Presents, and the model they’ve followed of introducing new works and then successfully spinning them off into new story titles like BLACK BEETLE. There’s an inherently approachable aspect to anthologies—new readers can pick them […]

FablesCon: The Fables Panel


Tweetby Matt O’Keefe It was a packed room at the show’s official panel for the comic for which the convention was named. Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Shelly Bond and company began the event giving out prizes to winners of the con scavenger hunt. The grand prize winners, a couple and their baby daughter, received first […]



TweetVertigo released Book 1 of its THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO graphic novel adaptation of the award-winning posthumously published Millennium Series novels by Stieg Larsson in 2012 in hardback, begging the question: do we really need a graphic novel of a series so popular that the novels fly off the shelves and two film […]

Review: Down at the Pub with HELLBLAZER #300


TweetOpening remarks are a prerequisite to talking about the final Vertigo issue of the imprint’s longest running series, the only from Vertigo’s original armada to last nearly so long, and a series which, totaling its original DC imprint and Vertigo lifespan, has lasted for 25 years. The series’ past and future are apt to be […]

Vertigo Announce Two New ‘Fables’ Books, and an Unwritten Graphic Novel


TweetShould that have been a semicolon instead of a comma in the title? Oh boy, the things I worry about when writing up Mike Carey news. Today! Vertigo have announced a bathful of new books, with an encyclopedia and anthology for Bill Willingham’s Fables coming later this year, followed by a full original graphic novel from the creative […]

Review: Django Unchained #2


TweetFirst issues are easy – it’s the second issue where you get the proper measure of where a story is going, how it’ll play out, and what the style is going to be like. Of course, that isn’t really the case when you’re reviewing a comic which adapts a movie and follows the plot of […]

The Fables Cross Over into The Unwritten in May


TweetOr rather, as seen in this gorgeous Peter Gross/Mark Buckingham-drawn teaser image, the cast of Fables literally drag Tommy Taylor into their world.   Vertigo have released this promo for May’s issue #50 of Mike Carey’s excellent series, kicking off an arc which will see the book head into the world of Bill WIllingham’s Fables, […]

DC Cancel Saucer Country, I Vampire, Superman Family Adventures and DC Universe Presents


TweetThe solicitations for April’s DC titles reveal that four of their books will be ending, including Joshua Hale Fialkov’s I, Vampire and Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly’s Saucer Country, alongside DC Universe Presents and Superman Family Adventures.

Dan Trachtenberg Hired to Direct Y: The Last Man


TweetCelebrate and/or worry, as it looks like there is finally some more forward movement on New Line Cinema’s long-awaited adaptation of Brian K Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s Y: The Last Man. Deadline are today reporting that Dan Trachtenberg has been hired as the director for the film.

Shelly Bond promoted to Executive Editor of Vertigo; Dennis and Doyle upped

Execuitve Editor Shelly Bond

TweetAs expected, following the departure of Vertigo founder Karen Berger, remaining editors Shelly Bond, Will Dennis and Mark Doyle have been promoted, with Bond ascending to Executive Editor. After nearly 20 years at the imprint,  its safe to say no one knows Vertigo better than Bond. Despite all the eulogies over Vertigo when Berger left, […]

The Beat Comic Reviews for 28/11/12: My Little Pony and Hellblazer, together at last!


TweetThis week saw a number of big comic releases from Marvel and DC, but who cares when this was the week My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1 came out? PONIES, you guys! Ponies all over the place. This week I’ll be reviewing My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1, Hellblazer #297, Gambit #6 and Masks […]

Preview: Django Unchained, the comic


Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming DJANGO UNCHAINED is already garnering buzz for what is said to be Tarantino’s most amazing screenplay yet—and in his usual discursive fashion there so much story that not all of it could be fit in to a movie of normal length. Enter the DJANGO UNCHAINED comic book,

Vertigo Cancel Hellblazer; DC Announce Constantine

John Contantine

TweetHellblazer, one of the longest-running books in mainstream comics history and one of Vertigo’s launch titles, will be cancelled in February 2013, with issue #300. Although… cancelled may be the wrong word,  as DC say this will be the finale for the book, which has been overseen by an incredible range of writers and artists […]

Quentin Tarantino Announces Django Unchained miniseries for Vertigo


Quentin Tarantino jumped onto the Before Watchmen panel today, ran around on the table, and announced a new 5-issue miniseries based on his new film, to be published by Vertigo.

Denise Mina will adapt THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO for comics


Scottish novelist/playwright Denise Mina has been chosen to adapt the Millennium Trilogy into comics, it was revealed in The Scotsman. Known as a purveyor of “Tartan Noir,” Mina already has solid comics cred, having written a year’s worth of HELLBLAZER and A SICKNESS IN THE FAMILY for the Vertigo Crime line.

The GN adaptations of Stieg Larsson’s hugely successful books, starring investigator/hacker Lisbeth Salander, were announced back in October — to be published by DC’s Vertigo imprint — but no further details have been released. The first book in the comics adaptation will be out in March — each novel will be split into two GNs for a total of six books.

Forbidden DC to be published


Tweet DC’s Vertigo blog, Graphic Content, has announced that “Shoot” by Warren Ellis and Phil Jimenez is finally going to see print as part of a “Vertigo Resurrected” line. Originally planned to run in HELLBLAZER #141, “Shoot” dealt with schoolyard shootings and was shot down following the Columbine massacre in 1999, as it was deemed […]