NYCC: The X-Men in Marvel NOW!


The X-Men panel has just ended at NYCC, revealing a few bits and pieces, but mostly just going over the basic premise for each of the titles in the Marvel NOWniverse. But there are some bits and pieces! And new art from Mike Del Mundo and Stuart Immonen! Here’s a rundown:

The Consequences of AvX


As a prelude to Kieron Gillen’s actual recounting of the consequences from Marvel’s Avengers Vs X-Men event, let’s take a quick look at some of the dangling stories/ideas/moments which may or may not be addressed in the near future. This was a big event by any stands, with five writers and three artists involved, as […]

Marvel Advertise All-New X-Men via Script Excerpts


By Steve Morris Having already exhausted teasers, interviews, black and white images, coloured images, unlettered previews and just about every other form of pre-release promotion you’d care to imagine, Marvel have now taken to advertising All New X-Men #1 by releasing sections of Brian Michael Bendis’ scripts to various sites. If you went down to Comic […]

UPDATE: Uncanny X-Force brings back Bishop


Not mentioned in the launch interview, have established the initial hook for Sam Humphries and Ron Garney’s relaunch of X-Force: the return of Bishop.

Hopeless reveals the REAL X-Men in 'Cable and X-Force'


By Steve Morris CBR today reveal what the third of Marvel’s slogan teasers is all about, with the announcement that December will see Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca kick off a new series called ‘Cable & X-Force’. As a side note – HURRAY!

SPOILER: Obituary for the AvX Fallen


By Steve Morris Read no further until you pick up today’s issue of Avengers Vs X-Men, unless you want to be spoiled! Alternatively, pick up a newspaper today, because Marvel have plastered the death across America.

Marvel release a first look at All-New X-Men #1


Stuart Immonen’s artwork is one of the key selling points to, well, anything he is involved with, and All-New X-Men #1 is no exception. The premise of the book is that the original five members of the X-Men – Angel, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman and Beast – have come to the present for some reason (no, there’s no sign of other founding X-Men Shortpack and Sage at this point in time). They are in the present, and they are… in the present. And Stuart Immonen is drawing it! So now you know the premise of the series in its entirety.

The regardless point being, Marvel have released some of Immonen’s pencils for the first issue of the series, written by Brian Michael Bendis. And unsurprisingly, they’re spiffing, corking, and several other 1960s adjectives.

Marvel NOW! Rick Remender on Captain America, Simon Spurrier on… X-Men?


More teasers for Marvel NOW! Suggesting Rick Remender and John Romita Jr will be in charge of Captain America, and Si Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat on what may be a new X-Men title.

Marvel Cancel NINE Titles!


Say goodbye to nine of Marvel’s titles! Marvel Now! ushers in a new world without the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, or… Rogue/Gambit.

Adam Kubert draws the (heroic) Phoenix Five for AvX Variant Cover


Marvel’s variant cover for Avengers Vs X-Men #8 shows Cyclops and chums having a lovely time

Let’s All Gawp at Cyclops in a Thong


If you click the link, you will get to see Cyclops wearing a thong.

X-Men Teaser: Reboot or Retelling?


Marvel release a new X-Men teaser image, create a sensational wall of vagueness as to what said image means

Alternative X-Factor: Chris Claremont Reveals What Might Have Been


Chris Claremont reveals what might have been in X-Factor #1. Read on to discover Alan Moore’s involvement!

The X-Men vs. The Avengers: A Review (Yes, I've Read the Whole Thing)


You may have witnessed some out of control hyperbole about Marvel’s recently announced Avengers Vs. X-Men. My personal favorite, courtesy of Newsarama’s recap:

Pre-taped words from all five writers. “There’s never been an Avengers vs. X-Men super-blowout, so it’s like, we have to do it,” Bendis says.

Never been one? Seems like I own copies of something answering that description…

Nice art: The X-Men family tree by Joe Stone


A fine infographic chart which, if not for the initiated, still lays out mutant heredity in an elegant way.

Attractive people recently cast in comic book movies


While we were out of town, many comic book movie casting decisions were announced, and since it’s beach season, here’s a great chance to post some awesome swimsuit photos! X-MEN: FIRST CLASS has a very crowded cast, and director Matthew Vaughn added a few more faces in the past week or so. January Jones, best […]