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200906261505 Ted Raimis reverse view
Via actor Ted Raimi’s Twitter feed, another Green Pants moment:

@ Wizard Word convention in Philly. Thousands of fans here.12:01 PM Jun 19th from Tweetie

Completely lost at con. Cannot find the green room. I’m screwed.12:03

Waiting to be met by con employee. Hiding behind pillar. One fan asked if I was hiding from him. Said I didn’t know him.12:10

Convention is fantastic. One trillion comic books here. http://bit.ly/PlJJg http://yfrog.com/0v12nlj 12:28 PM

At Hand Drawn Noodle House. What is a “shaved noodle”? http://yfrog.com/10v9xkj 7:21 PM

Didn’t eat here http://yfrog.com/5hr9thj 8:07 PM

Took tons of questions with my friend Michael Papajohn from fans at con. He’s hysterical. http://yfrog.com/5fs5bej 7:21 PM

All day posed for fans. Made fans pose for me! Ha! Taste O’ the ole’ medicine. http://yfrog.com/3oz6hj 7:23 PM

Exhausted. Hiding in hotel room from fans. Secretly? Saw an enormous room full of D&D players today.Looked really cool. Want to play now. 7:31 PM

Had a drink with Wizardcon extrordiaire Spat. Did a gag photo with him for Wizard mag. How can you not like a guy like that? 8:41 PM

Home to LA. Philly industy looks like interplanetary colonization units. http://bit.ly/ifdZH http://yfrog.com/07g19vj 6:07 AM


  1. Darren J Hudak says:

    Hey cool, I’m dead center, (and unlike that Paul Simon in central park album you can actually see me without a microscope). Ted Raimi Rocks.

  2. Is that Michael Papajohn there in the front rown next to Blonder Woman holding a picture of himself as Carradine The Retroactively-Falsely-Accused???

    IT IS!!!!!


  3. Henrik J says:

    I *heart* Ted Raimi!

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