The Dalek Wedding Cake (and Other SF Sweets)

By Todd Allen

dalek cake The Dalek Wedding Cake (and Other SF Sweets)Now normally, I’m one to eat food, not stare at it.  This is where I might make an exception.  You may have seen a Dalek Wedding Cake image floating around Twitter over the weekend.  If not, guide left.  Turns out that was just one of a sequence of several science fiction/robot themed cakes, including:

  • K9
  • R2-D2
  • Optimus Prime
  • The Robot (Lost in Space)
  • Cybermen
  • WALL·E

Dammit!  Now I’m getting hungry. Go have a look.


  1. barry buchanan says:

    Tony Lee is wanting to renew his wedding vows as of this moment.


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