The internet was made for #mrvlcats — UPDATE

eliopoulos mrvlcats The internet was made for #mrvlcats    UPDATE
OOPS!!! We did not credit Marvel cartoonist and letterer and all around savior Chris Eliopoulos as the man who got this started and created the hash tag. So basically, Eliopoulos is the greatest man alive. Here’s his Galactus-cat to prove it.

Twitter and Tumblr prove what they are made for as artists tweeted their versions of Marvel characters as kitty cats, and Agent M hosted the results. I’m in yr meme, being cute. So cute we can’t link to just one!
tumblr l8vcz49QAM1qzniqdo1 400 The internet was made for #mrvlcats    UPDATE
Ms. Marvel by Lar de Souza
tumblr l8uzwz84YH1qzniqdo1 400 The internet was made for #mrvlcats    UPDATE
Skottie Young’s Venom-cat.

tumblr l8uv717vty1qzniqdo1 400 The internet was made for #mrvlcats    UPDATE
Katie Cook’s Mo-CAT.


  1. How could you leave out Chris Eliopoulos’ amazing Spider-Kitty or Cat-man America? Plus there is the LOLCats inspired Catlactus!

    You really need to check out all the pics on Agent M’s feed.

  2. No mention that Chris Eliopoulos started the trend just yesterday on his Twitter feed and it caught on so quickly? Not even one of his drawings featured here in the article?

  3. Oh man, messed UP! Fix this internet faux pas!

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