The secret history of Vertigo?

silverageyorick The secret history of Vertigo?
After all the deep thots around here of late, cleanse your palette with this hilarious page.


  1. That was great.

  2. jimmy palmiotti says:

    holy sh*t!!

  3. Impressive. Most impressive.

  4. jimmy palmiotti says:

    thats some fun stuff…lol…

  5. Wow! Love it!

  6. Wow! Love it!

  7. After the Sim thread, I needed a good laugh!

    Thanks, Heidi!

  8. Totally got me on the Yorick one. Excellent stuff!

  9. Good stuff… bordering on genius.


  1. […] Plagiarism runs wild at Vertigo. The publisher is in some serious lawsuit trouble, OR this guy has way to much time to play with Photoshop at work. […]

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