The weekend in comics events, San Jose to Minnesota and beyond

201405160320 The weekend in comics events, San Jose to Minnesota and beyond
Will every single comics creators be at a show this weekend? Since we know comics culture is booming I thought it might be interesting to check out just WHAT is happening around this nation of outs. I got most of these from Convention Scene but it didn’t include the biggest show, Big Wow.

If you’re going to one of these shows, feel free to report back to us here! We’re keen to hear about comics culture around the world.

Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose, CA

With WonderCon moved south this is the biggest mainstream comics event in the Bay Area now, and I hear good things. Guests include Charlie Adlard, Sergio Aragones, Art Adams and Mike Mignola. If you’re going please let us know how it went.

201405160324 The weekend in comics events, San Jose to Minnesota and beyond

SpringCon in St, Paul, MN.

This is the show that was encroached by a Wizard event, but based on the comments here it has a loyal following. Over 250 guests including Dan Jurgens, Peter Gross, Ursula Murray Husted and Silver Age artist Liz Berube. The poster promises 100,000 sq ft of extreme comic book action. Oh yeah!

201405160331 The weekend in comics events, San Jose to Minnesota and beyond

Motor City Comic Con in Detroit, MI

This one runs three days in Novi. Guests include William Shatner, John Barrowman, Jon Bernthal, Milo Ventimiglia, Scott Wilson, Burt Young, Karl Urban, Jason Momoa, Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner, Chris Claremont, Mark Waid and many more. As you can see it’s become more nerdlebrity focused. Time was when Motor City was one of the marquee events on the comics schedule (it’s been running for 25 years) but it’s way more regional now.

201405160332 The weekend in comics events, San Jose to Minnesota and beyond

Dallas Comic Conin Dallas, TX
This is run by the same folks who put on the HUUUUGE Fan Expos in Toronto. This company was acquired last year by a larger event company, a change I should have paid more attention to. According to the guest page, William Shatner will also be at THIS show. I guess he likes to travel??? The guest list is all nerdlebrities, but a small pop up tells m that Len Wein will be there for comics types. A believe this show is descended from the old Dallas Fantasy Fair, also a long time comics event classic.

201405160339 The weekend in comics events, San Jose to Minnesota and beyond

SC Comicon in Greenville, SC

Proving there are enough Nerdlebrities to go around, Lou Ferrigno will hulk out at this show, along with Van Jensen and Robert Venditti and other guests. The show is run by Borderlands Comics & Games, and it’s only $10 to get in for the day.

201405160346 The weekend in comics events, San Jose to Minnesota and beyond

SuperFan Comic Con in Toronto, ON

It’s Victoria Day Weekend for our friends in the north so this runs Saturday-Monday. Lucky bastards. Guests include Mike Grell and Dyl Klöepfer who is billed as “Young cartoonist from a small town in Canada.” Hugs! And also…LOU FERRIGNO??? Do these nerdlebrities have doppelgangers? Margot Kidder and the guy who played the SOup Nazi will also be on hand. I don’t know much about this show, but Toronto is a crowded market.


  • Nerdlebrities can be in two places at once!
  • Conventions should make sure to put a LOGO or POSTER conveniently located in the PRESS section of their site.
  • Despite what I have posted above, not every single comics creator in North America will be at a show this weekend.


  1. There’s also the Diamond trade show in Vegas this weekend — though that isn’t for the public…


  2. Torsten Adair says:

    Yup… been happening for awhile…

    Hmm… nothing overseas? Bristol was last weekend, MCM London is next.

    There’s also a 4-day Tonner doll convention!
    ($399 per person!)
    Also nearby, is Anime Central, with about 30K attendance.

    Myrtle Beach is hosting XCON World VII, an SF con.
    Winnipeg hosts KeyCon 31.
    Las Vegas hosts “Star Cars”, a free event on Fremont Street. (Famous movie cars, plus celebrities.)

    Emeryville, CA (yes, THAT Emeryville) is hosting:
    Pixar Animation Studios Tour
    Saturday, May 17, 2014, from 2 to 8 p.m.
    $500 benefits the Cartoon Art Museum

    A little show overseas:
    32 Salón del Cómic de Barcelona (Seven Euros to enter!)

    And there was this, in Cleveland, but they’ve thrown in the towel!
    (Looks like they weren’t very organized…)

    And for retailers, there’s the Diamond Retailer Summit.


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