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28daysanimated Things to watch


  1. Um. Okay.

    1. “neurochemicals” is one word.


    3. FUCK-IN-MEN-TAL is the catchphrase this pseudoovoodoo franchise has been looking for! PS: in a Welsh accent.

    4. “Then it’s The Guttin’ ya want, eh?” Oh, FoxAtomic. For shame.

    Okay. I sort of wanted to hate it, and bits of it – the speech bubbles, the undulating text – I do, rather. But yeah. If you’re going to do animated trailers for comics, then better this than something more…B-movie.

    The art’s nice, too, in a Hairsine/Epting-y kind of way.


  2. Dave Miller says:

    And you can watch the director’s commentary track of ONE SHOT HERO by visiting this site:

  3. Spike says:

    I so much love that there are fans that are creative out in the cyber world!

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