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BlackStrings02 This 'n' That

§ We knew Ray Fawkes was a writer, but we didn’t know he was an artist, too…as he shows with “Black Strings”, a comic up at the site.

§ According to Nikki Finke, the Human Target TV show is a go for Fox next year:

HUMAN TARGET (Warner Bros/DC Comics/Wonderland) is a lock after it screened very well. “Peter Rice saw it and loved it,” a source tells me. It’s now considered FBC’s best drama pilot.

§ And there was great rejoicing….Brett Ratner No Longer Directing Conan.

§ Tucker Stone has a report on Gaiman and Tatsumi at the PEN World Voices Festival.


  1. I wonder if news of the new Human Target will increase demand for the aborted Rick Springfield mini-series from 1992 to be released on DVD?



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