This weekend, it’s Dragon Con

Warriors This weekend, its Dragon Con
Cheryl Lynn Eaton is blogging for Bleeding Cool .

And here’s the Flickr group, which is the must-see of the show.

200909071042 This weekend, its Dragon Con


  1. Wow, out of all the pictures on there you put that big gal on there?

  2. God bless those people. I loved (almost) everything on there. I would have had the girl in the pasties and the girls with the Nazi arm bands thrown out, though. Not cute or funny. What are they thinking?

  3. michael says:

    I don’t see what’s wrong with the armored girl.
    *wonders if matt is the kind of fratboy that wears, ‘no fatties’ tee shirts to bed*

  4. To think this used to be a Science-Fiction Con… now it’s just a bunch of costumed Southerners getting their geek on.

    Cosplayers ruined DRAGON*CON!


  5. Micheal:
    No, he’s probably just the kind who never gets laid!

  6. Re: The Big Girl photo:

    Nice to see Dwight from “The Office” has found his soul mate.

  7. not mike carlin says:

    Yikes… people posting >1000 photos? Thanks for pushing everyone else off the page.

  8. Alan Coil says:

    Nothing wrong with big gals, Matt.

    Gotta wonder about guys named Matt, though.

  9. Yeah, she posted a big gal pic, & two lithe ladies right underneath. Big Armor Babe is pretty hot though. Thanks, the Beat.

    Just got back from D-con, & will be posting my own photos (big gals, little gals & some guys too) by week’s end on FB. I adore Dragon*Con. Oh yeah, it was on CNN, & they mentioned the Dawn Look-a-Like show:

  10. Ike Iszany says:

    OK. Three things…1) does leather geek have his arm in sling? 2) if you’re going to go to Ace Hardware and buy a sledge hammer as a prop for your costume…at least distress it a little. Make it look like it’s been used once in a while. 3) TAKE OFF THE GLASSES!!!

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