This weekend, it’s Dragon Con

Cheryl Lynn Eaton is blogging for Bleeding Cool .

And here’s the Flickr group, which is the must-see of the show.



  1. Wow, out of all the pictures on there you put that big gal on there?

  2. God bless those people. I loved (almost) everything on there. I would have had the girl in the pasties and the girls with the Nazi arm bands thrown out, though. Not cute or funny. What are they thinking?

  3. michael says:

    I don’t see what’s wrong with the armored girl.
    *wonders if matt is the kind of fratboy that wears, ‘no fatties’ tee shirts to bed*

  4. To think this used to be a Science-Fiction Con… now it’s just a bunch of costumed Southerners getting their geek on.

    Cosplayers ruined DRAGON*CON!


  5. Micheal:
    No, he’s probably just the kind who never gets laid!

  6. Re: The Big Girl photo:

    Nice to see Dwight from “The Office” has found his soul mate.

  7. not mike carlin says:

    Yikes… people posting >1000 photos? Thanks for pushing everyone else off the page.

  8. Alan Coil says:

    Nothing wrong with big gals, Matt.

    Gotta wonder about guys named Matt, though.

  9. Yeah, she posted a big gal pic, & two lithe ladies right underneath. Big Armor Babe is pretty hot though. Thanks, the Beat.

    Just got back from D-con, & will be posting my own photos (big gals, little gals & some guys too) by week’s end on FB. I adore Dragon*Con. Oh yeah, it was on CNN, & they mentioned the Dawn Look-a-Like show:

  10. Ike Iszany says:

    OK. Three things…1) does leather geek have his arm in sling? 2) if you’re going to go to Ace Hardware and buy a sledge hammer as a prop for your costume…at least distress it a little. Make it look like it’s been used once in a while. 3) TAKE OFF THE GLASSES!!!

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