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441387510 Thought for the day
Whether you had a great week or a crappy week, this should tide you over the weekend.

Via Tom Brennan


  1. I stopped by my LCS today and picked up the hardcover collection of Dave Stevens’ _The Rocketeer_. This makes me happy, although I’m sort of afraid to read it now lest I soil the pages with my Cheetos-stained fingers.

    I suppose since Stevens has joined Shultz in wherever great cartoonists go when they die, this fits.

  2. Rick Hood says:

    That say’s it all!

  3. so cute, yet so true.

  4. skyhawk says:

    It’s my new wallpaper.

  5. I just rebought this wonderful little book! I treasured it when I was a kid and it’s still great.

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