Tintin gallery makes all others seem weak

tinkatebeaton 456 Tintin gallery makes all others seem weak
Comics Alliance has a smashing look at a sketchbook featuring Tintin by Dozens of Comics Artists and as fearsomely sweet as Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Tintin is, we think you will agree — Kate Beaton was born to draw Captain Haddock. Please click the link to check them all out!


  1. Thanks, Heidi!


  1. […] Top Shelf’s Leigh Walton has collected a whole array of Tintin themed sketches from a diverse number of comics artists at conventions over the years, from Bryan Lee O’Malley to Kate Beaton to James Kochalka to Eddie Campbell (whose Thomson and Thompsons can be seen below). Extremely cool! Via Comics Alliance (in turn via Heidi at The Beat) […]

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