Tom Beland is back with Chicacabra

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chicacabra Tom Beland is back with Chicacabra
True Story, Swear to God’s Tom Beland is back with a new book, Chicacabra, to debut from IDW this June. It’s billed as a humourous series of graphic novels, about a Latina girl who turns into a monster — and yes the title is a play on the legendary creature the Chupacabra.

In Chicacabra, you would think being a young woman in high school would come with more than enough drama, but for Isabel Sanchez that is a mere drop in the bucket of her life. On the outside, Isabel looks and acts like your average Puerto Rican girl but after a family tragedy and then a mysterious incident she finds herself with a monster capable of great brutality living inside her. But is it her friend or foe?
Isabel will have to learn to life with a killing machine inside her and navigate high school in this first in a series of planned Chicacabra graphic novels. And heads will roll, to say the least!
“I think people will relate to Isabel. I think we all have a chupacabra in us in some way. There’s fear, doubt, many things that you hold deep inside of yourself,” said Tom Beland, “This is about two souls working together in a relationship that could be damaging as well as healing. I love making it. To a degree it was as emotional as making TSSTG.”

 The series will debute with a special edition for the Puerto Rico Comic-Con, May 24-25 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.
$17.99m 200p, B&W-page
June 2014
Diamond Order Code APR140447, ISBN 978-1-63140-011-7


  1. Jeremy Holstein says:


  2. AWESOME!!! I’ve been waiting for another issue of True Story Swear to God for a couple of years now, but I’ll gladly take this new original story. Very excited for this, Tom tells amazing stories!!

  3. Great news. I cannot wait to read this.

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