Torchbearers launches

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Indefatigable Cheryl Lynn has launchedTorchbearers, am LJ blog given over to…well, we’ll take the liberty of quoting Cheryl’s introductory post in its entirety:

Welcome to Torchbearers! This community is in some ways an extension of the Ormes Society. Posts will generally be divided into three sections.

Torchbearers: This section will serve to spotlight black female characters in comics/manga. A post will usually contain a brief description of the character, a few scans from the series the character appears in, and information on where the series may be obtained.

Race Around The Net: A collection of links focusing on the topic of race and how it influences the world of comics/manga.

Ormes Society: News on events involving Ormes Society members.

Basically, I wanted a little corner of the net where I could place all of the information I found interesting! If you find this kind of stuff interesting too, then feel free to stick around and chime in!

Add to feeds imediately. Cheryl has been blogging up a storm.

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