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4th Letter one-ups Garfield and gives us DARKSEID MINUS NEW GODS, a bleak, existential drama set in a landscape of nihilism and doubt by Søren Kierkegaard.

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And the Kirby Project gives us Thor on a Scooter.


  1. now, will there be Spiderman without Stan Lee?

  2. I want to see Moon Boy without Devil Dinosaur

  3. Frank Rook says:

    Why does Thor have his name on his arm? In case he loses it?

    I want “New Avengers without Ninjas”.

  4. Ed Sizemore says:

    Actually, Kierkegaard was a devout Christian. His work is full of doubt and angst, but never nihilism. Nietzsche is the great existential nihilism. Darkseid definitely comes across as a disciple of Nietzsche during this syphilis induced insanity period. (Darkseid should be careful Nietzsche died shortly thereafter.)

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