Webcomic alert: Boys’ Night

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boys night out 2 Webcomic alert: Boys Night
Go read this quick before it gets taken down: Boys’ Night by artist AP Quach and Hollywood tyro screenwriter Max Landis. Landis is also behind the “The Death and Return of Superman” video and man he nails it in this one—Entourage for the Disney Afternoon. He had me at Bonkers and Max.

At first I thought it would be funnier if it was more on model, but then I realized that the art style made it even more devastating.


  1. Al™ says:

    Good one! Hope it is around for a few more readers…

  2. Actually, my name is AP Quach, but thank you so much for sharing. :-)

  3. Torsten Adair says:

    Good stuff.

    If you liked that, try:

  4. Chris Hero says:

    That was odd. It was such an unrelatable story using iconic characters for some reason, but the dialog was outstanding. The coloring was *really* nice, too.

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