Webcomic Alert: Moth City by Tim Gibson

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Mark Waid’s webcomic portal Thrillbent recently underwent a makeover and now has comics you can embed directly on your site, which is a great way to spread them even further. And a new comic is launching today, Tim Gibson’s Moth City, a moody thriller about a tycoon who gets caught between warring factions after he accepts an island as an offshore manufacturing center. It launches today and will update every Tuesday. Here’s the first episode:

Gibson is a relative newcomer to comics but the New Zealand based artist has worked on concept art and character design for many films, including Tintin, District 9 and Avatar. Moth City has been an ongoing project for him. He even made a trailer:

They also sent along some promo art:

Moth City 1 Webcomic Alert: Moth City by Tim Gibson

Moth City 2 Webcomic Alert: Moth City by Tim Gibson

Moth City 3 Webcomic Alert: Moth City by Tim Gibson

Thrillbent’s other ongoing series are:

● Insufferable Written by Mark Waid, Artwork by Peter Krause, Coloring by Nolan Woodard, Lettering by Troy Peteri
● Arcanum Written by John Rogers, Art and Colors by Todd Harris, Lettering by Troy Peteri
● Endling Written by Jonathan Larsen, Illustrated by Cecilia Latella, Coloring by Paul Mounts and Jenn Manley Lee, Lettering by Troy Peteri
● The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood, Written by Christina Blanch and Chris Carr, Artwork by Chee, Lettering by Troy Peteri
● The Eighth Seal, Written by James Tynion IV, Illustrated by Jeremy Rock, Colored by Nolan Woodard, Lettered by Troy Peteri
● Moth City Written & Illustrated by Tim Gibson

AND here’s he first episode for your reading pleasue:


  1. “And a new comic is launching today, Tim Gibson’s Moth City”

    For what it’s worth, it has been on Comixology for a month.


  2. Michael Kindt says:


    I’ve read the first two issues on ComiXology.

    It’s brilliant stuff and hope it gets in front of more eyes at Thrillbent.

    I’m really enjoying the expanding collaboration between ComiXology and Thrillbent, in general. Thrillbent is producing great stuff and now getting collected for sale via ComiXology.

  3. Leo Johnson says:

    Beyond even the Comixology issues and whatnot, Tim has been posting Moth City on his own since last October on http://www.mothcity.com. Great seeing him getting more exposure though.


  1. […] (simply known as ‘The Beat’ to it’s fans) pointed out the fact that you can even embed Moth City in your own sites/blogs/tumblrs using Thrillbents […]

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