Webcomic alert: Wreckhall Abbey

tumblr m81tob7T6Q1rzoxdeo1 r1 1280 Webcomic alert: Wreckhall Abbey
RUN! DO NOT WALK! tTo Domitile Collardey’s Wreckhall Abbey, a new comics project about a private school for girls in the proud tradition of St. Trinians and the like.

Holy crap, this looks AMAZING.
tumblr m7fjhm4dvc1rzoxdeo1 r1 1280 Webcomic alert: Wreckhall Abbey
Wayyyy more in the link and Twitter and all.


  1. Domitille is cool.
    I wonder if she went to a boarding school for girls?
    Not that it really matters. Just made me wonder.
    Yep, her visuals are knockout and her characters look dope too.

  2. jacob goddard says:


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