WEHT: Bill Messner-Loebs?

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A few years ago, cartoonist/writer William Messner Loebs (Journey) and his wife Nadine were destitute, and the comics industry rallied around them. Michigan Live has a nice story about how Loebs has turned things around:

In August 2005, Messner-Loebs wrote a fill-in story for DC’s “Green Arrow” – his first published work in five years. Since then, he has found work on a somewhat steady basis. He has contributed stories to “Zombie Tales” for Boom! Studios and illustrated the humor spoof “Chicken Wings for the Beer Drinker’s Soul,” for Novi-based Com Publishing. Com also will be publishing a biblical coloring book he’s illustrating. The monthly cartoon he illustrates for the Livingston Parent Journal is being turned into a line of greeting cards and a calendar.

Finding work again, as well as proceeds from benefit books done on his behalf, enabled Messner-Loebs to purchase a mobile home in Green Oak Township in 2006, where he and his wife now live.

…”So many people have invested in me getting back on my feet; it’d be a betrayal of them if I didn’t keep going.”


  1. Great profile. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time.

    I just bought several pieces of art from Loebs (actually his representative) on eBay. A few more auctions end today.

  2. The article kinda missed the boat on describing what’s up with Journey. IDW has already released the first of two phonebooks reprinting the series, with the second due in stores soon.

    I’ve gotten to know Bill a little through the Michigan Comics Network, and I can confirm that he’s kept his wry sense of humor through both the bad times and the better times that have come since.

  3. Alan Coil says:

    Another case showing that a helping hand can make a world of difference.

    Donate to The Hero Initiative.


  4. And in the past year… well, year and a couple of weeks now, we’ve seen two new Journey tales. One’s over at ComicMix — http://www.comicmix.com/comic/comicmix/mundens-bar/4/ — and one was in the Many Happy Returns one-shot. So things have been hopping with Journey.

  5. Jacob says:

    That’s awesome! Makes me proud to be a fanboy and it’s a positive story, which seems too uncommon these days.

  6. Russ Maheras says:

    Great news!

  7. Awesome! Go Bill!

  8. Peter Urkowitz says:

    Great to hear that Messner Loebs is doing better these days. If there were any justice, I would think that the Journey volumes alone would be best-sellers that would be taught in every high school and provide enough royalties for the rest of Bill’s life. Journey is one of the best comics ever done, in my opinion. But it’s enough for now that Messner Loebs is surviving and in good spirits.

  9. Awesome.

  10. michael says:

    This is very cool! :)


  1. […] Twenty years ago, William Messner-Loebs started a four-year run on The Flash. Seven years ago, out of work, he and his wife lost their house. Michigan Live writes about how his life has turned around since then. (via The Beat). […]

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