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Steve Wacker SPEAKS OUT!

First of all, thanks to Matt Brady for letting me TENURE this little essay. I’ll try and continue to be as unprofessional as possible.

Second, don’t be fooled by his nerd-knowledge. Waid’s a scrapper.

Third, how did this MAJOR story drop to 8th on the Newsarama front page!! Could someone please introduce sex into this scandal?!?!

Whoa, Axel…I was kidding. Easy, fella.

If nothing else, it proves why Marvel wanted Wacker on their team — his free-wheeling sense of humor will fit right in…do we sense a BLOG in his future, mayhaps?

UPDATED: In a later interview with Dan DiDio, the new 52 editor is revealed, Mike Siglain, best known as Associate Editor on some Bat-family books.

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