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201108291703 Wizard World LA update
Speaking of LA comic-cons, Wizard World has tweeted an update about its postponed LA show.

Due to several pending partnerships, we are postponing our LA Comic Con to a later determined date. We apologize for any inconvenience.

In addition, writer Ande Parks, who had previously been surprised by the cancellations, especially since he had already booked a no-rfundable hotel room, tweeted that that situation had a happy resolution:

As I tweeted the other day, I was not happy to learn online about the Wizard LA show cancellation. I had already booked non-refundable room. That said, Wizard has been good about dealing with me and finding a resolution. Public props where due to Stephen Shamus and Wizard. Thanks. I will be appearing at Wizard shows in the future, and I think they have dealt with my situation as fairly as could be expected.


  1. Did we ever get a resolution on the announced-but-never-happened WW New Jersey show?

  2. What about my non-refundable airplane tickets?

  3. Jon Eganhouse says:

    Unfortunately, I booked a non-refundable airline ticket for my nephew to come to LA to attend. I have repeatedly asked Wizard World for help. They have been completely silent. My advice … DO NOT book unrefundable hotel or airline tix to one of their events … they will leave you in the dirt.

  4. NadaMucho says:

    I would never frigging fly to a wizard convention. Nicholas Brendan and wrestling superstar Virgil will eventually come to a con near you.

  5. carissa says:

    Wait, so is it cancelled or postponed? I need to see David Mack!

  6. Jon Eganhouse says:

    Happy to report that Wizard World reviewed my situation and was willing to come to an accommodation.
    My nephew will be attending the Mid-Ohio Convention in October. Good folks here … just needed to be patient!

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