31 Days of Halloween: Chris Schweizer’s Monster Month

schweitzer swamp ape

As you can imagine, we’re not the only website counting down Halloween month. Chris Schweizer, comics educator and the man behind the delightful Crogan’s Adventures series from Oni, is posting a mostly daily monster picture  and here’s today’s the Florida Swamp Ape. You can see the rest in the link like this Ghost Rider in the Sky:

schweizer ghost rider


Adorable new raccoon-based mammal called the Olinguito found living in a zoo!


Talk about right under your nose. The National Zoo in Washington has long had specimens of an adorable creature which they thought was an Olingo. But more detailed biological investigation has revealed it is a brand new species: The Olinguito

Nice art: The Justice League of Rodents


Somehow we missed this piece by Bobby Timony when it went up but here at the beat we never miss a chance to big up The Rescue Rangers. Seriously how great would this team be?

You know what I can’t stand? Bitches in those skimpy costumes.


Amiright or amiright?

Looking at Cute Animals helps you do things!


An actual scientific study in Japan has shown that kawaii (“Cute”) is good for you brain! just looking at cute animals helps you focus, perhaps by activating some kind of protective behavior? In the first part of the experiment, 48 college students were asked to complete a game not unlike Milton Bradley’s “Operation.” Using tweezers, […]

Photo parade: the adorable foxes of Colleen Doran


Of course, they are still wild animals!

Marvel teams with Fetch for pet geek garb


As cat people, we’re not really sold on on the whole “dress your pets” humiliation tool; however, for those who like to dress their doggie, Marvel and Fetch are introducing a line of Marvel-themed pet attire called cool pets!. The line of toys, apparel, and accessories will be available at your local PetSmart.

Nice art: Philippine ghouls by Kitt Lapeña


Like the Batibat, the Kapre is a relatively gentle giant who lives in trees and smokes a big tobacco pipe.

Goodbye, western black rhino


This has nothing to do with comics, but it is good to note the passing of our natural world. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared the western black rhino extinct. One of four sub-species of the black rhino, it was considered especially vulnerable to poachers who hunt the rhino for its horn, believed to contain medicinal properties.

Nice art: Dustin Harbin's dinosaur print


You had us at dinosaur, Dustin Harbin. And with “colored by Sam Bosma and Kali Ciesemier” you chained us up and threw away the key.

Many more endings for Laika


This is so cool. Nick Abadzis writes to remind us that his strips for the 25th Anniversary of Big Planet Comics has ended: a series of gorgeous alternate endings to his GN LAIKA, about the dog who went into space … and never came back.

Four strips are up here, with tributes to “Stan and Jack (Stan referring to both the Man and Kubrick), and several iterations of how the story could’ve turned out.” The final episode definitely calls out for a sequel/spin-off.

Nice Art: The Animal Alphabet Project


How on earth did we miss this until now? Ben Towle is putting together The Animal Alphabet Project, drawing of critters by cartooners. Above, the N is for Naked Mole Rat by Gabriel Hardman, below L is for Lynx by Henry Eudy.

Will DC reboot Vypto?


I would read the hell out of this comic.

CGC Slabbed Rob Granito


It has become legend.

Arsenic-eating bacteria life form in NASA shocker!


Grant Morrison was right!

RIP: Paul the Psychic Octopus


Paul, the octopus who stunned the world by correctly picking all his games in the 2010 World Cup, has died. It was not unexpected since at 2 1/2 he was up there in octopus years, but it is still sad.