To Do tonight NYC: Big Feminist But Release Party at Housing Works Bookstore Café


Tweet The Big Feminist But is a comics anthology that was Kickstarted a while ago and now it’s here. And Tonighyt I’l be moderating a panel about the book: Heidi MacDonald (Publishers Weekly; The Beat:The News Blog of Comics and Comics Culture) presents readings and a conversation about the great big BUTs we all seem […]

To do tonight, BKNY: Strange Attractors and Change release party at Bergen Street Comics — PLUS FREE COMICS


Tweet Two models of the “Nü” graphic novel, STRANGE ATTRACTORS by Charles Soule and Greg Scott and CHANGE by Ales Kot and Morgan Jeske are having a release party at Bergen Street tonight. Both creators are on the fast track at the New 52, so catch ‘em while they’re hot. More info here: Please join […]

How did you like your CAKE?


Tweet This past weekend saw the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo roll out, a much anticipated foray into the CAF circuit for one of the biggest markets in the US. If you look at the debuts,l the comics were vibrant and exciting. Last year’s show was good but had room to grow, so we’re eager for […]

On the Scene: Going Too Far? Humor in Comics with Cho, Dorkin, Bagge, Rickard at Heroes Con 2013


TweetModerator Christopher Irving braced himself for a storm of strong personalities talking about their experiences pushing the boundaries of humor in comics, further complicated by the face that there were a gaggle of young teens in attendance to remind creators to try to put a lid on the almost unavoidable profanity that was bound to […]

On the Scene: Jason Aaron, Greg Rucka, Jason Latour Talk Crime Comics at Heroes Con 2013


TweetVito Delsante hosted a gathering of some of the purveyors of the gritty, and often all too reality-based comics handling crime and violence at Heroes Con, and when they noticed that everyone on the panel was bald, they decided that this was a call to “embrace the dark side of humanity” by shaving one’s head.  […]

On the Scene: Denver Comic Con 2013, Pioneering Souls in Artists Valley


TweetThe floorspace for Artists Valley at Denver Comic Con was expansive, and positioned between the vendor and publisher areas in the front and the celebrity signing booths and food court at the back. It was almost arranged like a centrepiece, and to judge from the ethos of the con, that was intentional. A wide range […]

Autoptic Festival: official poster, more guests announced


Tweet We promised to keep you updated and so here we are with more details and updates from the new Minneapolis-based comics/art/music festival, Autoptic. Back in February,when the festival was initially announced, the only special guest known to be attending was Jamie Hernandez. Well, Autoptic have been steadily adding to that list, with Marc Bell, Genevieve […]

Reign of the CAFs: DCAF and KentCAF are coming


First came TCAF…then MeCAF…and just a week ago VanCAF…and now DCAF and KentCaf. It is the age of the CAFs, or Comic Arts Festival. I have no idea if the TCAF founders and originators of the CAF label are glad that it’s practically become a brand name, but that ship has sailed and bought some silk-screened mini comics

Beanotown Arrives in London – Softies Beware


TweetAs part of a collaboration between DC Thomson, the Southbank Centre, and designer Wayne Hemingway (the one from off of The Big Breakfast), Beanotown has officially been opened for a short-term stint on the South Bank of London. Celebrating 75 years of The Beano, the installation mixes hands-on activities with a look at the history […]

On the Scene: Denver Comic Con Bounces Back and Cosplay Abounds


TweetAs reported previously, Saturday posed some serious challenges to both the Denver Comic Con attendees and the staff trying to handle unprecedented numbers seeking entrance to the convention center and the show floor. Luckily, as the afternoon progressed, the strategy was clearly updated to handle some of these problems. At noon, problems were at their […]

On the Scene: Denver Comic Con 2013, Life as a Moving Picture in Chris Ware’s Keynote


TweetWilliam Kuskin, Ph.D., of the University of Colorado, Boulder, introduced Denver Comic Con’s keynote speaker, cartoonist Chris Ware, as a man who presents “honesty” as an “antidote to the emptiness we see in culture now, countered by art, even if he evokes a nightmare through that honesty”. Ware guided the audience at DCC through the […]

Nice Art: Charles Burns at Adam Baumgold this Thursday


Tweet It’s an event and an art gallery and a parade of cultural history this Thursday an exhibit of Charles Burns’s portraits for The Believer magazine opens at the Adam Baumgold Gallery. MAY 30 – JULY 26, 2013 RECEPTION:  THURS., MAY 30, 6-8PM The preview of the exhibit also includes a gallery of portraits from […]

This Weekend: Pittsburgh is Comics Town USA with NCS in town


Tweet [Art: Tom Richmond cover for the NCS conference with Mo Willems, Brad Anderson, Drew Freidman, Jason Chatfield, Lee Salem, Rob Rogers, Joe Wos and Terri Libenson.] This weekend the traditional Memorial Day annual meeting of the National Cartoonists Society will be held in Pittsburgh, PA. Although Saturday’s Reuben Awards banquet is a private affair, […]

Today: The International Comic Arts Forum in Portland, OR kicks off


Tweet One of a number of impressive comics events this weekend, the annual The International Comic Arts Forum kicks off today in Portland, OR and runs until Saturday. Primarily a scholarly conference where papers on various aspects of comics around the world are presented, this year’s event will also feature locals such as Brian Michael […]

To Do Tonight: MoCCA Awards of Excellence art show and reception


Tweet When the MoCCA Awards of Excellence were announced, an art exhibit of the winners was promised, and the opening is tonight. The winners turn out to have been pretty excellent, so I suspect this will be a fine showing. The Society of Illustrators is excited to announce the inaugural MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of […]

“A Contract With God” goes on display at Scott Eder Gallery


Tweet Brooklyn’s Scott Eder Gallery has announced an impressive show for next month devoted to art, sketches and other drawings from Will Eisner’s A Contract With God, the groundbreaking graphic novel that helped inspire comics storytelling in the US. IT’s the first time the art hyas been shown and offered for sale, so it should […]